Gaming 4 Leukemia
Fight for a cure, Play for a cure!
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For all of our events, we will be using local gaming tournaments or events where everyone and anyone can come and participate, have fun, make new friends and possibly win some special prizes. All of the proceeds after we pay for the rent of the building, any merchandise bought and any hired parties, will go to the non-profit foundation that we are sponsoring in that event. Bellow you can see the upcoming event, dates and locations, and what foundation we will be sponsoring at our next event. We hope to see you there!
Upcoming Event:
Un-official Pokemon Tournament 

We will be hosting an un-official Pokemon Tournament which follows the same rules at the official Pokemon Video Game Tournament​. There will be one section for our tournament the single section will host Versions: Black and White 2. The section  will have a chance at a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. each will get a specific prize specified at a later date. Early sign up will be cheaper than Sign up on the day of the tournament and will guarantee a place in the tournament and for a slight bit more, the correct size T-Shirt.

Early sign up:
Registration: $15 + Guaranteed spot
Registration + T- Shirt​​​​​
 : $25 + Guaranteed spot & Shirt size
The day of sign up:
Registration: $35
Registration + T-Shirt: $45​​​

For versions Black and White 2​​​​​​:
A DS, DS Lite, DSi, ​Dsi XL, 3DS, or 3DS XL
One version of either black, white, Black 2 or White 2

Tournament Rules: ​​

​© 2013 Pokemon © 1995 - 2013 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc.TM and     are trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK Inc.
Date and Location:
September 14th,Southeast High school Gymnasium (Address: 1200 37th Ave E Bradenton, FL 34208)
Sponsored Foundation:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society​
Event Sponsors:
All American Cookie Company
Best Buy Mobile
AMF Bowling Lanes
Winward Design Group​​​​
J&J Barbecue
Chik Fil A​​
(If you would like to be a sponsor, please go to "Contacts")​​​
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If you would like to make donations online, please go to the following site and donate to our Light The Night walk team, Specifically Myself, Jonah Peace!​
All winners will be given the chance  to appear at the Pinellas Light the Night walk on November 9th with the  "Gaming 4 Leukemia" team to represent the awards and the fundraising amounts.
1st Place:​
  1. Pokemon Black 2/White 2 ​with all legendary pokemon and all starters
  2. Gamestop giftcard for X amount​
  3. a specialized first place t-shirt
  4. and a Gold tournament medal​​

    2nd Place:​​
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
    Gamestop gift card​​ for X amount
    and a Silver tournament medal​

    3rd Place:
    Gamestop gift card for X amount
    and a Bronze tournament medal​

    All other participants: ​
    A randomized egg​
Other forms of payment.
what's that? Your mom won't pay for you to enter the tournament? DO NOT FEAR!
there is a way for you to still go!​​
For those of you who don;t have the money or parents don't want to pay, you can do something to be able to gain access to the event without any money out of your own pocket! ​all you have to do is click the following link to our Light the night team page: (link) from there, join our team by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "join." create your profile and if you can raise $15 or more, then you can get access to the event without even using any of your own money!