Gaming 4 Leukemia
Fight for a cure, Play for a cure!
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For all of our events, we will be using local gaming tournaments or events where everyone and anyone can come and participate, have fun, make new friends and possibly win some special prizes. All of the proceeds after we pay for the rent of the building, any merchandise bought and any hired parties, will go to the non-profit foundation that we are sponsoring in that event. Bellow you can see the upcoming event, dates and locations, and what foundation we will be sponsoring at our next event. We hope to see you there!
For all of you who do not wish to participate in the tournament​ or are going to support but don't really know anything what so ever about Pokemon...DO NOT WORRY! We have an assortment of other entertainment to keep you occupied while the tournament rages on! The following are the extra entertainment!

Ultimate Frisbee in the Softball field
Raffle for various prizes
Silent Auction
Other consoles and games
A multi-player corner​​​​​​​​
and more to come​

For those of you coming for the other entertainment and not the tournament, we ask for a $5 entrance fee.

Date and Location:
    September 14th,    Southeast High school Gymnasium (Address: 1200 37th Ave E  Bradenton, FL 34208)
Sponsored Foundation:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society​
Event Sponsors:
AMF Bowling Lanes
J&J Barbecue
Chik Fil A​​​​
    (If you would like to be a sponsor, please go to "Contacts")​​​
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If you would like to make donations online, please go to the following site and donate to our Light The Night walk team, Specifically Myself, Jonah Peace!​
More info about Entertainment

Ultimate Frisbee in the Softball field - Pretty self explanatory, People throwing a frisbee disk at each other in the grassy are of the softball field

Raffle for various prizes - Upon entering the competition or the door, everyone will receive a single raffle ticket​​​. Guests may purchase more tickets for a dollar for a greater chance at winning prizes. Those competing in the tournament will have their tickets in a separate bowl until half time where we will pick three names to receive a shiny Pokemon. First ticket will get a Shiny Charmander, the second ticket will get a Shiny Beldum, the third will get a shiny Eevee. All the tickets then will be mixed with the rest of the raffle tickets for a chance at one of the following prizes which will grow and will be updated as they grow
  • Legend of Zelda, Tri force Leather Wallet
  • Torchi Plush
  • Mew Poke- Center plush
  • Eevee poke-center plush
  • (3) 3 day, two night discounted stay at a 5 star hotel in one of 15 cities (for a guest and a +1)
  • AMF Bowling lanes voucher (6 people bowl free for two hours with large one topping pizza and pitcher of coke)
  • and more to come
Silent Auction - It's basically an auction for basket sets of stuff but instead of speaking really fast and having you all argue and tear each other's throats out over some seats, you just go up and place your auction price on the basket quietly and come back and check on it every now an again
Silen​t Auction gifts:
  • Retro NES with original Mario and Duck hunt with gun​

Other consoles and games - That's right, we will be having some other consoles there for people to play on and have fun! Right now we will have a N64 and Wii and possibly some more consoles if we can get more TVs and fit them! We will have various games for each including Mario Kart (for both Wii and N64) Just Dance, Pokemon Stadium (1 and 2),  and many more

​Food - pretty explanatory here. Om nom nom
Food to appear at event:
  • J&J Barbecue
  • Chik Fil A​​​

Multi-Player corner - A corner of bean bags and stuff for people to go with their DS, DSI, and 3DS' to come and just play together. They could trade Pokemon, play Mario Kart and other games for the portable devices